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Bolt Water Bottle | Carrara Marble

Bolt Water Bottle | Carrara Marble

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The 17oz Bolt Bottle's slim profile and chic design is perfect for your pool day, workout, road trip, late-night study session — anything! With the Bolt, durable stainless steel and brilliant colors come together to make an impressive bottle that'll keep your favorite drink at its optimum temperature for hours.

The Bolt's 1.5-inch twist cap makes a super tight seal, so there's no worrying about spills and leaks. Plus, whether it's filled with hot or cold liquid, the exterior will never sweat. So say bye-bye to coasters and getting yelled at for leaving water rings on your mother's favorite table.

The 17oz Bolt is 2.8 inches wide at the base; 9.2 inches tall; weighs 10.4oz; keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 10 hours; and it is cupholder friendly.